About Ezzy

This is the personal website of Ezzy Pearson; space journalist and expert.

Hi there!

Ever since I first stood under the dark sky on a trip to Cornwall and got my first glimpse of the Milky Way, space has been my passion. It’s a passion I am keen to share and have spent much of my professional life on a mission to make space science accessible to all.

I have been working as a writer at BBC Sky at Night Magazine since 2013, writing articles for a general audience and presenting the podcast, Radio Astronomy. My first book – Robots in Space – will be published by The History Press in October.

As well as writing about space, I talk about it, having done hundreds of TV and radio expert interviews as well as many talks with astronomy societies. I have also taken part in many science comedy and improv events such as Science Showoff, Bright Club, Know Show and Agony Auncles of Science.

When not talking about space, I can usually be found writing speculative fiction, playing games (be it video, board or role-play) or teaching myself some new archaic crafting skill – from bookbinding to silversmithing – just in case I ever wake up in a magical realm and need a job.