Why do board game boxes suck?

Why do so many games have such shockingly bad box designs?

You can’t get away with having an ugly looking game anymore (unless you’re trying to look purposely cheap) but a box design that results in a bunch of game pieces in your lap every time you open it? That’s just dandy.

Even when a box has a plastic insert meant to keep all the pieces in check, these often fail the second that it’s turned on its side, which is a rather large failure in my opinion, seeing as most people store their games this way. I certainly do.

I have yet to open the Splendor game box without being assaulted by a rain of plastic discs!

Our copy of Steam Planet is, for some reason, over a meter long. Why?!

They appear to have remedied this in a recent reissue, but who ever thought that would be a good idea in the first place?

It doesn’t have to be this way, you know.

There are good games out there.

I played Century: Spice Road the other day, and the box for that is brilliant – it has a plastic insert that actually, shock horror, holds all the pieces in place.

I was always impressed by how well Dominion, a game with twenty seven million cards all stored in one box, manages to keep everything where it’s supposed to be even after I’ve put it sideways on a shelf.

Is it really that hard to make a box that does its job and keep everything in its place?

Speaking as someone who has never had to design anything in their life, I think I can say with the utmost authority that it isn’t.

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