Gloomhaven: The Spellweaver

I’ve talked about the basics of Gloomhaven, but I want to go a little more into my class and how to play the Spellweaver, or at least how I go about it.

As the name would suggest this character is a magic slinger – usually found behind the tank, sending out ranged and area-of-effect attacks while avoiding getting squished.

The real USP of the character is that they are the only class (so far anyway…) that can recover their cards once they’ve been Lost.

As these are the cards with the most fun effects and the most XP, this has made the Spellweaver very fun to play.

How to play the Spellweaver in Gloomhaven

If you are thinking of taking the character in your own game, here is my advice garnered from 20 or so games with her.

  • Manipulate the elements: Add elements to cards. Get a mana potion. Get your team mates to get one too – you don’t need to create an element to use it.
element system in gloomhaven

Certain effects create elements that cards then use up – they are vital to making the Spellweaver effective.

  • Think ahead: This class works best if you think several turns ahead to set yourself up with the right elements and buffs. Think about what the board might look like in a few rounds, and plan around it.
  • Pay attention to your team mates movements: The Spellweaver is VERY squishy. Make sure you know where your teammates plan on going so they get attacked, while you hide behind them.

The Spellweaver in her usual position – cowering behind the Brute.

  • Get something with pierce: The Spellweaver is mostly about low damage, but lots of it. This means that Shields – which discount the first few points of an attack – can be a massive pain in the arse. So I got a Piercing Bow that bypasses shields. It’s one use per game but it counts on ALL enemies targeted by an attack action. Time it right and you can take out three or four shielded nasties at once.
  • Invisibility is your friend: Grab the cloak of invisibility. That way you can jump right into the action, unleash hell, and then disappear to leave the enemy wondering why their liver is now char-grilled on the floor.
  • Running away is also your friend: The Spellweaver doesn’t have a lot of movement, so a pair of boots that help you run far and run fast is a must.
  • Use your Lost cards: The character can get them back so don’t be afraid of running down the clock by using them early. If you can make an epic attack on turn one, do it. It’ll make life easier. That said…
  • Don’t always use Lost cards: If you use two Lost cards every turn, the game isn’t going to last very long. I have a good mixture of reusable cards to play while setting up for a big attack.
  • Try to use Lost cards twice: Especially in your first few games. The faster you level, the faster you get to the fun high-level cards.
spellweaver solo mission

Each character has a solo mission. I attempted The Spellweavers one and died many, many times… she is not a character that does well on her own.

At first, the Spellweaver can play a bit boring as you have to stay out the way, only plinking off the odd hit point.

But now, I’m level 7. There’s nothing like the feeling that comes from setting up the perfect attack and taking out half a dozen enemies in a wave of burning/freezing/brilliant death.


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