About Me

Science, in all its forms, has long been a passion of mine. I quickly realised that my real love was physics, in particular astrophysics. The fact that we feeble human beings could even begin to understand the mysteries of the universe was, and is, a thrill to me.

Through out my life as a physicist I have always endeavored to talk to as many people as I can about my subject. I love physics and think everyone else should as well. In the last few years this has grown, and my true ambition lies in spreading the good word of science to the world and beyond. My personal mission is the promotion of women in physics. In any event or talk I give I try to use the opportunity to promote the work of female physicists and debunk the stereotype of it being a “boy’s only” club.

Other than science my main passion it writing, both fiction and popular science. I currently work as News Editor for BBC Sky at Night Magazine where I write about the latest and best in space news every month.

When not sciencing I like to play boardgames in a pub with my friends. Particularly ones that involve 16th century subsistence farming. You will find posts about this on the blog.