Long-form articles

In my years as News Editor at BBC Sky at Night Magazine I have written many long-form articles. Here is a select sample of the best.

“Apollo 13” – Narrative retelling of the Apollo 13 mission – April 2020

“Under a Starlink sky” – A look at the growing problem of megaconstellations – June 2020

“Chasing the Moon’s Shadow” – The 2017 Great American Eclipse – October 2017

“A Galactic Feast”– Revealing the Milky Way’s cannibal past – February 2019

“When ice erupts” – Cryovolcanism in the Solar System – April 2018

“The virtual Universe” – A review of the best space based VR – February 2018

“A time of tumult” – The late heavy bombardment – March 2017

“Cloudy with a chance of methane” – Exoplanet weather forecasting – March 2016

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