Review: Blindscape

I recently played Blindscape, a free mobile ‘game’, though it is far more accurately described on its title page as ‘an interactive audio story’.

The quirk of this game is that the screen is completely blank.

Instead, a blind narrator tells you his story as he tries to escape the confines of his apartment.

You have to tap randomly about on the black screen to find and open doors then navigate around by sound (you’ll need earphones).

It was a really interesting way to use the format without feeling gimmicky as it helped you to get into the mind set of someone who couldn’t see, and forcing you to wear headphones shut out the world allowing you to be fully immersed in the narrative.

My only real complaint was that it was only 10 minutes long and left me wanting to know more about this world.

That said, I think the format might have dragged if it had lasted much longer, and the reason I decided to play it in the first place was because of its brevity.

I’m really interested in seeing how new media can be used to tell stories in a much more interactive way – Blindscape really showed that sometimes the best way to do that is to tear away all the bells and whistles and let the story do the talking.